Tuesday 10 March 2015

Targets 2015

This post might seem a little late, as it's now March! However, with the squash season not finishing until mid-April, I won't start training properly until then, so I haven't been in a rush to set my targets for the upcoming season. It's probably just as well, as I've recently got a job in Swindon starting in June, so I'll be moving there soon, meaning Milton Keynes based targets are a little obsolete!

They're not the most ground breaking targets, but realistic based on the lack of pre-season training, and they will probably be updated as I get a feel for things - new location etc.

I've a few races planned (and one indeed ridden) before then, but these are more for 'enjoyment' and relying on underlying fitness. I've split the targets up into Road and TT.


I face a real dilemma with the road racing. I think I can get the fitness and speed to get to 2nd Cat, but I would have to treat it like I do squash, i.e. 2 or 3 competitive races (matches) a week, and proper training otherwise. Whilst I'd love to do this, I have a couple of hesitations. Firstly, I don't want to turn cycling into anything too serious, it will always be my second sport, so I'd rather enjoy it. Secondly, it's a lot of time money comittment. I don't mind this, hence travelling a couple of hours twice a week for various squash leagues, but it was nice last summer not to have to travel far.

However, in general I'd like to keep racing at the Mk Bowl, as it's a good laugh with clubmates. It should be feasible, as I'll finish work at 4.30, and it's about 90mins back to MK, with the race at 7pm. I'll certainly race every other week. I also believe there is a few other circuit race series near Swindon, Castle Combe for one, which I've heard good things about, and one in Bath too. I'm going to focus on Crits mostly, as I think they suit my fitness, and I get a bit bored in road races!

- Promotion to 2nd Cat
- Top 3 (Win!) a couple of races at the Bowl
- Leicestershire 2 day stage race - Top 10 in Prologue
- Top 10 Chilterns Cycling Festival Hill Climb. (18th last year despite overtraining!)
- Top 10 in a road race (will enter 3 or 4)
- Top 5 at other circuits (Castle Combe, Bath)
- Top 10 at Tameside

Time Trial

TT Goals are a bit more easy to define, as they require fewer but more targeted efforts. My sprinting definitely got slower when only TT'ing for a month last year, so I might designate a month out from the road to TT. The first goal is to sort out an effective and replicable set up with the clip on bars! I think last season I changed it every time! Goals as follows:

- New PB, F11/10 is looking the most likely again. Anything under 21:47 would be great, under 21 would be spectacular, but would take specific training...and a standard chainset!
- 21:XX on the f5d/10. I just like this course, maybe because it was my first TT. Very susceptible to wind though, and living away will mean less attempts.
- Race a 25. Definite pacing practice needed to avoid overcooking it!
- Top 20 in an open would be good too I think on a road bike.

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